Would I respond well to a turbinate reduction if I respond well to Afrin?

After a year of trying every corticosteroid spray, anti-histamine, OTC/Rx allergy medication to treat swollen turbinates, my ENT has recommended a septoplasty and turbinate reduction. A short while ago I found the only thing that works is Afrin but you can't take it for extended periods. Afrin keeps my nose clear and lets me feel like I did before my turbinates started having issues. Is this information positive news that points to good chances at responding well to surgery?

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Turbinate Reduction

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Hi Charles, Afrin works by constricting the nasal lining, especially the turbinates. If Afrin is effective, there is a good chance the proposed surgery will help your breathing if the turbnates are inflamed, which seems the case.
Hope this helps, Javad Sajan, MD

Seattle Facial Plastic Surgeon

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