Am I a Candidate for a Chin Augmentation or Fillers? (photo)

I have undergone an upper jaw surgery several years ago, which left my chin and my lower face somewhat retruded. I had been advised prior to my jaw surgery that a chin implant may be necessary following my surgery, however after my surgery I was told that this would not be a good option for me. The feedback for this procedure in my sitation has been mixed. Can you let me know if this is an option for me? I have posted some pictures. Thank you

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Chin augmentation

The decision to perform a chin implant can only be made by looking at the chin form 3 dimensions , not from the frontal picture.  More pics are needed.  For examples of many other patients who have undergone chin augmentation, please see our photo gallery on our website 

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Chin enhancement options

Either fillers or a surgical implant can augment the chin. If you need a substantial augmentation or if you want a permanent solution then a surgically placed chin implant is ideal. If your not sure or if you only need a slight augmentation then try a filler first.

Thomas Buonassisi, MD
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Chin augmentation can be done with implant or fillers

Whether or not you would benefit from chin augmentation depends largely on the projection of the chin (how much it extends forward horizontally).  This is better determined by looking at the face from the side.  Assuming that your chin does indeed lack some projection, augmentation may be performed with either surgery (usually an implant) or injectable filler.  I would suggest that your re-post your question with some side view photos.

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Chin Augmentation Options

Although a profile photo would be more useful, either silicone implants or "fillers" can be used for chin augmentation.  In general, implants are more reliable and permanent and thus a better long term option.  Glade to help...RAS

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Chin augmentation may be done with surgery or fillers

You are a candidate for either option.  Fillers have the advantage of being done quickly and in the office which is very appealing. 

  • Fillers can achieve between 50% and 60% of the results of surgery and are appropriate for mild to moderate cases. 
  • A surgical implant will be more effective and hopefully will require just one treatment.


It may be nice to try the non-surgical option first and then reassess your options.

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Candidate For Chin Augmentation?

It will be necessary for you to post some profile pictures so your question can be answered. A frontal view alone is inadequate information.

Barry L. Eppley, MD, DMD
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