20 year old black female with dark upper lip. How can I topically lighten it? Acne scars also

I am dark-skinned and have a dark upper lip. I mean under my nose not my actual lip. What can I do to topically lighten? Also, I have several acne scars or marks, more technically. I always pop my pimples(know it's bad but I always make sure my pimples heal as smooth as possible and when I don't pop, they heal in raised bumps) I have some minor raised bumps from pimples I have popped on my nose. How can I get rid of these and scars?

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Lightening darkened skin

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 Dear user877:

   The first approach to this is application of topical agents that have been proven to decrease hyperpigmentation. Some of these agents also treat acne, which will reduce the possibility of getting additional dark areas.  Look into properly formulated creams or gels containing  Retinol, glycolic acid, green tea, azealic acid acid, and hydroquinone. If you do not see results by two months, consider ViPeels.

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