What laser would be best to use on broken capillaries on chin? (photo)

Hello, I have some broken capillaries/blood vessels on my chin. While contained in a small area, they are still somewhat dark against my pale/sensitive skin and visible under makeup. I have been thinking about lasers, but am reluctant because of bad experiences I have read about with bruising, burning, skin texture changes, etc. Can you recommend the best and gentlest type of laser or other solution that might work best for my skin? Thank you!

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Broken capillaries on chin

Very good question. You do need to make sure you go to somewhere where the staff has good lasers and lots of experience with them.

With your pale skin, it is easier to get you a great result safely than someone with darker skin. There have already been several recommendations from other doctors about vascular lasers, but I think everyone has left out one option which is not a laser: IPL (intense pulsed light), the most effective form of which is BBL (broad band light). This would not only address your vessels, but at the same time improve any sun damage and also help slow the aging of your skin, giving it a nice overall radiance.

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Redness Resolution with lasers (pulsed dye, Excel V)

There are a few options. The best treatments are vascular lasers such as pulsed dye laser and Excel V.  IPL is good in the right hands, but has more risk of complications and doesn't last as long in my opinion. See an expert for a formal evaluation. Best, Dr. Emer.

Jason Emer, MD
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Vbeam for Broken Capillaries and Blood Vessels

Your trepidation regarding laser procedures is understandable, however when performed by experienced technicians who choose the correct laser and settings to address your concerns, they are extremely effective. Vbeam laser would be an outstanding choice to treat your broken capillaries/blood vessels. Vbeam is the most advanced Pulsed Dye Laser Technology which very effectively treats red skin, broken blood vessels, rosacea, and birthmarks. This laser targets the selected area with an intense yet gentle burst of light and is so safe that it’s used for the treatment of port wine stains on infants and young children. 

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Best laser for red capillaries of chin

Hello jennrb, to answer you question from my experience, a laser wavelength of 532 nm is excellent for superficial red capillaries such as this because the chromophore or target color (red) is intensely absorbed by this wavelength, releasing the energy to heat and collapse the vessels. For deeper and larger vessels, and blue vessels, other wavelengths such as 940 nm and 1064 nm may be needed. Both lasers and IPL are used for vascular treatments in the face, but I would suggest going with the former. It is very unlikely that you would have the above mentioned complications in qualified and experienced hands.

Harrison C. Putman III, MD
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