Can breast contraction in shower 3 days post breast augmentation surgery ruin my surgery results?

I was in shower and I almost slipped which caused my chest muscles to tighten involuntarily. I saw stars and was afraid I busted a stitch. Can this cause damage to my breast and ruin my results?

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Breast implants-- did I hurt my result?

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As long as there are no signs of bleeding ( one twice the size of the other ) or infection it is unlikely that you did and harm, but if you are nervous just check in with your PS.

Feel better.

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Unlikely damage

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The pect muscle is still intact after your surgery but part of it has been cut so sudden contraction will be uncomfortable but is unlikely to cause damage to your result. Obviously if you notice a significant change in shape or excess pain you need to see your surgeon

Can breast contraction in shower 3 days post BA ruin my results?

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Thank you for sharing your question and I am sorry to hear of your near accident.  The reflex of reaching out to brace your fall was instinctual and caused your muscle tissue to shorten, cramp and spasm.  This will slow down your recovery and may even make that implant appear flatter and sit higher on your chest for a period of time but will not affect your long-term results.  Hope this helps.

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