I'm having a Vi Peel and my dermatologist wants to skin pen my upper lip at the same time; is this common practice?

I'm afraid this is too much at once.

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Vi Peel and Microneedling (Skin Pen) Upper Lip

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I am glad you are seeing a dermatologist. These may be acceptable to do together depending on your skin type (skin color) and skin sensitivity. In general, combination treatments are done because they may lead to faster results.  It could also be that the dermatologist is doing a very mild Skin Pen treatment as part of this combination to improve peel results.  My only hesitation would be that if you have not had a Vi Peel before or a Skin Pen before, you may want to separate out the treatments the first time to make sure you tolerate each one individually first. Please tell your dermatologist about your concerns because treatments can be easily adjusted based on this. 

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