Is it normal to have swelling a year after Restylane injections? (Photo)

Ok, so a year later after restylane injections and I'm swollen all over again? This has been an issue with the product for me, but a YEAR? I went sun bathing and I wake up this morning swollen.

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Restylane and swelling

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Restylane is a great filler but sometimes it can cause swelling which can last up to two weeks.  If you are having swelling one year I would recommend you return to your dermatologist or internist for a thorough examination as to the cause of the swelling.

Swelling after Restylane Injections

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It would be unlikely that swelling could be attributed to restylane that was injected 1 year ago.  There are other causes of swelling around the eye that need to be evaluated.  You could consider biopsy, CT scan, or other diagnostic tests.  In situations like these, you may consider injecting the area with hyaluranidase to dissolve any remaining restylane.  The injection will remove any remaining restylane.  If this cures your problem, then everyone is pleased.  If it does not, then you know there is another cause.

I hope this helps.  

Is it normal to have swelling a year after Restylane injections?

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Very doubtful it is related to Restylane filler, if you really had that and not something else injected??? Restylane at best lasts ONLY 6 months, AT BEST. Seek a punch biopsy of an area for possible diagnosis.. 

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