Broken front tooth repair - can a bonded fragment be removed and rebonded?

I broken a 1 third of the bottom of my upper left front tooth. My dentist at the time bonded it back together. After 14 years it failed. I visited an emergency dentist who had no experience of bonding. She used a composite resin. The resin is rough, I can now see the joint between the parts of the tooth, and it looks like she put some between both parts of the tooth too rather than just on the back and front, as the repaired tooth is no longer than it was before.

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Tooth Fracture Repair

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Fourteen years was an exceptional outcome. By the way I practiced for 30 years in North Carolina and am living and practicing in Florida now. At times, I really miss the Tar Heel state; fishing the Roanoke River, eating at Ralph's and watching the azaleas bloom. To answer your question, re-attaching the tooth with resin is appropriate as long as the resin is a flowable type. This allows the dentist to approximate the two halves with an in visible interface. However, repairing the fracture can be accomplished with a non-flowable resin with the same results. Great care must be taken when selecting the shade (color) of the resin so that it matches the tooth. The resin then must be contoured so that shape looks natural, just like the missing portion of the tooth.. Finally the occlusion (bite) must be adjusted so that there are no unwanted interferences and the restoration polished to a high shine so that it looks alive. Find a good cosmetic and restorative dentist and and I am sure your problem can resolved. Wishing you nothing but the best!

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