Scar Resulted in Dermabrasion Performed Too Deeply 5 Months Ago. I Desire More Improvement. Options? (photo)

I had dermabrasion Feb 12, 2013 to improve acne scarring. Not only did I not see any improvement in overall skin texture, it went too deep in one area and it scarred. I'm severely affected by this and desire as much improvement as possible. Surgeon offered Platelet Rich Plasma injections in lieu of revision because he said my skin was unhealthy. I have a Cutera Excel V laser tx booked for next month. Should I see improvement in redness with this laser? Is there a better one? What else can I do?

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Scars after dermabrasion

I would treat the area with Kelocote  or Biocorneum daily.  These are silicone pastes that favorably affect scar maturationn    Do no surgery till past one year.  My Best,  Dr C

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