I Have Non-hairy Becker's Nevus That Runs from my Back to the Right Side of my Face. What Laser is Effective to Lighten It?

I went to two dermatologists, both told me my skin condition is like a huge mole. I don't remember the medical term the first dermatologist defined it as, but I am certain the second one called it at Becker's Nevus. If this is a Becker's Nevus, I'm assuming this is the non-hairy kind. What kind of lasers are used to treat my condition (whatever it is)? Please note: I also have sensitive skin, which I'm assuming might complicate the type of laser that can be used.

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Laser treatment of pigmented birthmark

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To begin with I would recommend a small biopsy of this lesion in some inconspicuous place.  Becker's nevus usually has more solid pigmentation, hair and is thickened due to the presence of hair follicle smooth muscle in the skin.

The photos you included show primarily a pigmentary change.  There are birthmarks that are just large freckles with an increase in pigmentation but no other elements in the birthmark itself.  If that is the case, then a test spot should be performed to determine the response to the laser or IPL. 

Becker's nevi tend to not respond well to laser treatment with subsequent recurrences.

Short Hills Dermatologic Surgeon

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