Hairline Advancement, Do I Need It? (photo)

Cost? Do you think I need it? I can't wear my hair pulled back in a pony tail, I always have to part it in the front. My head still looks disproportionately large. What can I do?

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Hairline advancement

You did not state if you are male or female, and that is important. Forehead reduction surgery comes in two types, the first is a surgical procedure that gives you same day results, the second is a hair transplant that takes 6-7 months to see. For men, my only concern is in the potential balding that may occur as most balding starts about your age and advances until the mid-thirties. If that happened to you (your risk) then you will have to get a hair transplant to cover it as the frontal area is the place that genetic balding starts in the young man. On my website, there are great pictures of hair transplant lowering procedures in women on our Home Page and in our gallery on our website (see below), you can see hundreds of men who had their hairline replaced, lowered or improved. The link below discusses hairline lowering and one good picture of a surgical result in a man done by a named doctor.

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You don't "need" a hair line advancement surgery. This is an elective cosmetic surgery.

You don't "need" a hair line advancement surgery. This is an elective cosmetic surgery.  If you do not like the appearance of your hair line forehead, hair line lowering surgery may be an option.

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Hairline Advancement

Nobody needs hairline advancement but we see patients from all over the world to improve facial proportions by lowering their hairlines. Many years ago we developed the Irregular Trichophytic Hairline Lowering Technique where we bury hair follicles under the skin closure so patients have total freedom of hair styling after the procedure. Costs vary between $8,000-12,000 depending on what is necessary.

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Hairline advancement

   You are an excellent candidate for development of a lower hailine with precise and well placed individual grafts. Our office uses a power extractor to individually remove grafts without any incisions, and each graft is placed by the surgeon in the appropriate recepiant site. A one day procedure under local anesthesia should get you the hairline you desire, permanently

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Possible causes of a lowered hairline, and how you may avoid surgery while stopping future hair loss and thickening your hair

A receding hairline may be due to the person’s genetic pattern. If their family tends to have high foreheads, then that may due to the family’s unique characteristic. It may also be caused by a condition called traction alopecia which is related to the habit of wearing ponytails where their hair is pulled back tightly. Eventually, because of the constant puling, the hairs become nonviable and their hairline starts to recede. In addition, factors such as hormonal problems, medication and metabolic conditions may also cause female pattern hair loss.

Patients with this type of problem often consider hair transplantation, hairline advancement or forehead reduction. However, these types of procedures are effective for only a slice of time. Even with successful surgery, patients may continuously have thinning hair and hair loss. The only solution for this is to stop the process and reverse it.

In my practice, I have been very focused on a new technology called Hair Regeneration using extracellular matrix which was originally designed for wound healing. This material is used in combination with a byproduct of the patient’s own blood called platelet-rich plasma. This hair regenerative technique reverts the thinning of hair and restores the volume and thickness by reactivating adult stem cells called progenitor cells that are responsible to activate the dermal papilla of the hair root. By doing this injection treatment, we have helped a lot of our patients avoid surgical procedure. Even if a surgical hair transplant is performed, the Hair Regeneration treatment can enhance the procedure by stopping future hair loss, ensuring greater hair graft survival, thicken native hairs, and improve and quicken graft healing.

If you were to come to our office, I would use a microscope, look at your scalp and try to evaluate the proportion of normal hairs or terminal hairs compared to the hairs that are thinning. After, I’ll make a recommendation about what to do. If I see a lot of thinning hairs, then the injection is a wonderful option to restore and literally reverse the hair thinning process. I hope that was helpful, and thank you for your question.

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