Can Hair Transplants Grow Thick Enough for Long Hair?

I've seen some before and after photos of hair transplants, but none of them ever seem to show a successful surgery where the guy grew his hair long. Like ponytail long.

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Thick enough for long hair

There are many successful transplants where the hair has volume and can be grown long. All hair will grow dependent on its original characteristics. of the area where it is transplanted from. 

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Most men don't wear ponytails

Most men don't wear ponytails.  Transplanted hairs grow like normal hair.  It can grow as long as you don't cut it.   

Jae Pak, MD
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Hair Transplants Can Grow Long Hair

Yes, transplanted hair can be grown out as long as an individual would like.  Most often, post-procedure photos are taken at around 12 months.  Therefore, it may not have been enough time to reach ponytail length.

Jeffrey W. Hall, MD
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Follicular Unit Extraction

Yes, long hair is possible after a transplant depending on the type of procedure and donor source. Hair follicles maintain their original nature concerning volume and length even when implanted elsewhere.



Sanusi Umar, MD
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Long hair after a hair transplant

Yes, the hair after a hair transplant should grow like normal real hair because that is what it is.  We are most familiar with Neograft FUE and the Artas robot hair transplant method but we are pretty sure it would also be the case for FUT methods.  You should talk to the FUT doc if you want to take this approach. 

Rashid M. Rashid, PhD, MD
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Long hair transplants

Yes you will be able to grow long hair. The transplanted hair should grow out of the new site as it would from its old sight. If you saw pictures where this was not the case it was probably because the transplant was not dense enough and left the hair still looking thin. Make sure you have enough hair transplanted to get the results you desire and that you go to a surgeon who will be honest with you about what can and cannot be accomplished

Richard Galitz, MD, FACS
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Hair transplants can grow long, but density is usually low.

 The reason you don't see pony tails with transplants is that the density is low and the hair is pulled back with a ponytail. You should look at the Fleming-Mayer Flap. It gives the most density. The hairline must be finished with micro hair transplants to soften the hairline of the flap.

Toby Mayer, MD
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Length of hair transplants

Generally individuals who have had hair transplants have a diffiuse area of hair loss and growing a pony tail would appear incompatible with their overall appearance not to mention the dramatic change in their "look". The length of the hair depends on the donor site characterisics and it is possible to grow hair that long.

Otto Joseph Placik, MD
Chicago Plastic Surgeon
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