What Hair Transplant Technique gives the Most Full and Natural Final Appearance?

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The best hair transplant technique

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The best results in hair transplantation, at least in regards to thickness and fullness, are with any well performed technique on those patients who have or will have minimal baldness. It is a matter of supply and demand. With male pattern baldness we are dealing with a an increasing demand for a diminishing supply. For women with high hairlines and no hair loss, it is a different story and a variety of approaches can give thick dense results. Each prospective hair restoration patient has  to be evaluated with an individual realistic plan.

One can get great density by moving hair with flaps, repeated follicular grafting harvested from strips or tiny punches. But only a small portion on an extensively bald man's scalp can get this result. A small area of baldness , however , can have a thick, full looking result and if the pattern is not progressive (rare), the result will be long standing. I have been involved in over  40 years of scalp surgery  going from  small plugs to larger plugs to pedicle flaps (which I was the first to perform in the U.S.in 1975) to minigrafts/micrografts to follicular unit grafts from strip harvesting , and back to a return to tiny punch grafts  but in huge numbers. However ,outside if the introduction of hair-loss sparing medications such as Propecia, there has been no change in the transplant prognosis for those destined to be class 6 or 7 baldness other than a result that frames the face with a thinning natural-looking appearance and little or no cover in the crown. An alternative answer for those who want the appearance of a full head of hair all through life is to consider a non surgical hair system (hairpiece).

San Francisco Facial Plastic Surgeon

Best hair transplant technique

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The best hair transplant technique is usually strip surgery rather than FUE as the graft quality is the best quality which produces better results in the long term

William Rassman, MD
Los Angeles Hair Restoration Surgeon
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No "technique" leaves the best or natural appearance. Doctor's aesthetic skill does.

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No "technique" leaves the best or natural appearance. Doctor's aesthetic and artistic skill is what contributes to the final "product" for a natural appearance. 

All doctors can be trained in surgical skills and techniques.
All doctors can be trained to use ARTAS, NeoGraft, or any available tools of the trade.

Not all doctors can produce natural looking hair lines and great results.
It's not the "technique".  It's the individual doctor.

Jae Pak, MD
Los Angeles Hair Restoration Surgeon
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Best Hair Transplant Method

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As long as the patient has an ample donor supply and the surgeon is highly skilled, follicular unit extraction is ideal for creating the most natural appearance based on hairline design. This is because the individual graft extraction enables the surgeon to select donor hairs from a preselected area based on texture. In other words, fine hair from the nape of the neck or behind the ears creates the softest most natural-looking hairlines and temple points.

Sanusi Umar, MD
Redondo Beach Dermatologic Surgeon
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