Hair Transplant From Legs to Head on a Healthy Head?

I'm a female with absolutely no problems with baldness or thin hair, but the problem is my hair's thick, coarse qualities (I have typical African American hair). I've found maintaining it an ongoing struggle. However, the hair on my body (mainly the legs) has the same thickness, but grows very straight. So I'm wondering if I could have the hair from my legs transplanted to my head to have straight hair on my head instead, even though I'm not actually balding or thinning on the head? Thanks.

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African hair type

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Transplanting leg hair to the head in your situation makes no sense to me. If you don't have a problem wiht your hair, why consider this?

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Transplanting leg hair to your scalp

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In your first sentance, you almost answered your own question.  Since you are not suffering from female pattern hair loss or traction alopecia, you will not be a candidate for hair transplantation.  Even though styling it in the manner you describe is labor and cost intensive, it is preferable over a surgical procedure.  The use of leg hair for your scalp is possible, but it is not a very useful donor area.  The resulting scar there would be potentially unattractive and disfiguring.  The amount of hair possible is small compared to the number needed for the scalp.  In short, stick to styling over a surgical procedure in this instance.  

Leg Hair Transplant for Global Scalp Density

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This would not be possible for a few reasons; The first reason is that, in hair transplant, the recipient area is typically bald or thinning, thus there is a place for the donor hairs to be received. If you have a full head of hair, you have no recipient area. The second reason is that even if you had every hair in your head surgically removed, the number of hairs required to fill your scalp again would be in the tens of thousands—your leg hair would be insufficient in providing an adequate supply. A third reason this would not be possible is that leg hair (or any other body or facial hair) will not grow significantly longer than its innate length, even after being implanted in the scalp. The result would likely be thin and odd-looking, to say the least.

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You can do it in theory, but it won't work

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You can do it in theory, but it won't work.  The best way to straighten hair would be to go to a salon and straighten it.  Dr. Umar has a better explanation of this.

Jae Pak, MD
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