Any Suggestions For Diet To Help Hair Transplant Results?

hi i had hair transplant 5 month ago.i am 17 year old. my hair not lost. i'm tie a turban that's why my side hair are gone. that's why i had transplant. so please tell me which type of food and fruits are eat. for healthy hair grow during hair tansplant__???? and which type of medicine,vitamin and protein___

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Diet, Hair Loss, and Traction Alopecia

It sounds like you are suffering hair loss due to traction alopecia. While consuming a balanced diet is always good for overall wellness, and healthy skin and hair, it will not aid hair health while there is repeated trauma to the scalp. The most helpful measure you can take now is to cease wearing your turban, or at least wear it less. If you continue to wear it regularly, the friction it creates against your scalp will continue to traumatize the hair and cause baldness. 

Aside from traction alopecia, with regard to long-term hair health and diet, eat lean protein and vegetables while limiting your fat and carbohydrate intake. Also take a multi-vitamin every day to ensure you get enough B vitamins and iron. Always try to get sufficient sleep.

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Hair transplant 5 months ago

The Turban that you were using caused your hair loss so the key to letting the new hair grow is to keep the Turban off of it so that you will not redevelop the traction alopecia again that cause id. Dies will have no impact at all

William Rassman, MD
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Turbans can cause hair loss if it is worn too tight

Turbans can cause hair loss if it is worn too tight.  This may be traction alopecia- trauma to your hair follicles.  There is no diet that will help with this type of hair loss.

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Best diet for hair transplant

The best diet for a hair transplant is simply the best diet for longevity. This would be limiting your saturated fat and trans fat intake and particularly limiting simple carbohydrates, such as sugar, white bread, potato, pasta, and desserts. These cause small vessel disease,  such as diabetics get. A good general rule is to fill your plate with 1/3 lean protein and 2/3 vegetables. If you want bread, eat whole grain bread. For a vitamin supplement, take a whole food supplement like those found under the name of New Chapter and others derived from whole foods. 

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