Hair Thinning on Top?

Hello, The hair on top of my head is thinning, which is the best solution. Plan for a transplant before it gets worse or use hair loss products/treatment. I have been seeing constant reduction in the density of my hair for about a year now. Thank you for all you insight. Any information will really help.

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Thinning hair

You did not state if you are male or female. Scalp micropigmentation works very well in most females and some males. This technique worls well with hair transplants also.  See below for more information on this. 

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You need to know why you have thinning on top. This requires an examination and a diagnosis.

You need to know why you have thinning on top. This requires an examination and a diagnosis.
A doctor needs to examine you first. A doctor may ask you questions pertinent to your hair loss taking a medical history. A doctor may even order blood tests or make measurement such as a bulk test or miniaturization test looking at your hair under a microscope. Afterwards, the doctor may give you a diagnosis and explanation of your hair loss condition offering possible treatment plans which may or may not include surgery.

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Options for hair restoration

You will get the best answer for you during a consultation with a surgeon who performs hair transplants.  The second best option is by sending a picture of your hair for us to evaluate.  Generally, the topical treatments stop hair loss, but do not grow new hair.  Remember that Propecia has been associated with sexual dysfunction that can be permanent, so that is not my choice of treatment.  Also, a hair transplant is a permanent solution to provide coverage and increased hair volume to the thinning areas.  

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Hair Transplant for Thinning Hair?

Without pictures or a detailed description of your hair loss, it is impossible to accurately assess your particular case. In general, Propecia and Rogaine can be helpful at the early onset of hair loss as they are both preventative. However, they rarely re-grow already lost hair and are both ineffective at stopping hairline recession. Hair transplant is the only permanent hair loss treatment, and a good idea when the timing is right. I advise you to seek consultation with a hair transplant doctor who can thoroughly evaluate and assess your hair loss.

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Treatments for thinning hair on top

There is no single solution.  The hair loss products and treatment generally prevent furtther loss but typically don't help to grow new hair.  And, they need to be continued or the hair that is destined to shed will be lost.  A hair transplant procedure is a permanent answer but if you continue to lose hair, the transplant could need to be repeated in the future.  We utilize the Neograft technique which allows grafts to be harvested in a follicular unit extraction process (FUE) that is automated.  This leaves no visible scar so future transplants can be performed more easily if necessary

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Approaches to thinning hair

You ask a great question. Surgery now or later?  The only way you can get an answer that fits your specific situation is to have an in-person consultation with an experienced hair transplant surgeon.  Best results come from a combination of therapies.  Without a doubt, you need to slow down your hair loss: this can be accomplished with Rogaine and/or Propecia.  Next, replacement of lost hair can be done via transplant: either the "strip" or FUE.  Oftentimes, happiest patients embark on this treatment plan sooner rather than later.  How soon?  Well, you  won't know until you make that consult and hear firsthand what is right for your particular case.  Best of luck to you, Dr. P

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Hair Transplant options

We offer the FUE system which is virtually painless and leaves no scars. We charge about $2.50 USD per graft and our doctors were trained in Europe. Unlike FUT we remove the hair follicle by follicle and reinsert them in the same manner.

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