Hair Shedding Rapidly in the Course of Six Months?

hi ive always had a receding hairline since age 18..currently 23 and the whole top of my head has started shedding a lot in the last 6 months.the front of my hair line is still their but looks very weak and thin? my scalp has been itchy lately and is flakey. The hairs coming out have little bulbs at the bottom and all seem differnt lengths? Some of the hairs are white with a ginger tip? Ive got bloodds done and they showed up perfect...have i mpb or telogen efuvium or a reaction to something?

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Rapid hair shedding

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Men with rapid hair shedding should see a dermatologist. There are many possibilities for hair shedding accompanied by an itchy scalp. Only with close inspection of the scalp can your dermatologist determine the cause. 

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