Hair Removal?

I'm just wondering if some of you doctors recommends a home device like silkn sensepil or silkn flash and go to reduce and prevent hair growth? Does it work for men? Please give me a honestly answers. Thanks.

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At home hair removal systems

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In my opinion at home systems are a waste of your time, and money. Think about it like this : one specific at home system that's highly advertised on TV currently has a joule setting of 7 joules (this is the energy output of the machine). An in-office medical laser can have settings of up to 1000 joules over a specific treated area. There is no comparison. Don't waste your money - visit a professionally trained office!

Hair removal products for home use

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Hi, thanks for your question!

Although I can't comment directly on these particular products, there is clinical evidence that office-based laser machines use more targeted energy than home products and reduce hair more effectively and safely. The machines are expensive, so the procedure costs are more than a home product, but office-based laser machines are FDA approved for this use- not true of home products. Hope this helps!


Be wary of at home hair removal devices.

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At home devices are risky to use.  At best, they may temporarily remove some hair; at worst, eye damage, scarring and pigmentation may occur.  Laser hair removal in a physician's office is safest and most effective. 

Martie Gidon, MD, FRCPC
Toronto Dermatologist

Home hair removal is less effective

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it is my understanding that the home units are much less likely to give complete hair removal compared with the very high success rates that doctors can achieve with the expensive lasers in their offices.


david berman md

At Home Hair Removal Devices

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Hi At-home.  If the devices that were available directly for consumer purchase worked as well as $100,000 lasers then everyone would be using an at home device and no one would be providing laser hair removal in a doctor's office.  

We cannot comment directly on the effectiveness of the devices you noted, but we will say that we can achieve 75% - 95% permanent hair removal for all skin types after 6-8 treatments.  

Harold J. Kaplan, MD
Los Angeles Facial Plastic Surgeon
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Home devices for laser hair removal

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In recent years, a number of devices have been developed to seek to provide patients with the ability to achieve hair removal at home. These devices are based on similar laser technology to target the hair follicle for destruction. The evidence behind these devices is limited to small, uncontrolled studies. The risk of eye injuries with improper use is also a real concern.

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