Which Hair Removal/reduction Treatment is Better for Brown Asian Skin - IPL or Laser?

I had an IPL patch test done today and I see that I have formed really dark brown/ blackish spots on my underarm skin? I take it that those would be burns? So does that mean IPL isnt suitable for me, and so should I go for laser?

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IPL does not work for laser hair removal

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Dark skinned individuals seeking laser hair removal should use a long pulsed nd yag laser. It is the safest and most effective laser for dark skin. IPL is not a good choice for laser hair removal for anyone regarless of skin color. Light to medium skinned people will do better with an alexandrite laser

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Avoid IPL for hair removal for your skin type

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Since you have a darker complexion, you should avoid IPL for hair removal.  A long-pulsed Yag laser would be better suited for your skin type and a patch test should be done first to see how your skin reacts.  You must not be tanned before your treatment and must avoid sun after your treatment.

Martie Gidon, MD, FRCPC
Toronto Dermatologist

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