Hair Removal and Pigmentation Treatment Simultaneously, Does It Work?!

I'm 29 old girl with skin type3 and black hair,recently done with my whole body laser hair removal sessions(532nm,Nd:Yag)which was satisfactory.Now,I wanna buy a salon scan laser(808nm)for my occasional hair growth.However,since I have pigmentation on my face and neck partly due to age spot but largely as a Congenital Syndrome(only left side of my face and neck)I though buying an IPL system might be a better idea,to have hair removal and pigmentation treatment simultaneously.what do you think?

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Save this one for the professionals!

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So it's probably going to be hard to find one product that will work for both conditions.  It sounds like you actually had a 1064nM YAG laser treatment for hair removal, which is good for darker or tanned skin.  Pigmentation usually is more superficial in the skin, and given your skin type, and the fact that this is a congenital pigmentation, I would highly recommend that you have all laser treatments done by a professional who has multiple lasers from which to choose.Test spots are a requirement for your situation, so that the proper "dose" of light can be discerned before treating large areas.  This way you'll get better results with less risk.  I understand your wanting to save money by doing this yourself, but I am afraid you will not be happy enough with the results, and you might even damage your skin.  Save this one for the professionals!

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