How Serious Are These Hair Removal Laser Burns? (photo)

Im very worried, I had my legs done a week ago and the red spots i have after the treatment turned into brown. How serious are these burns? Are these marks permant, what can i do to get rid of them?

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How serious are these hair removal burns

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Looking at your photos, it appears that you had some first and second degree burns with subsequent redness and hyperpigmentation.

Unfortunately, this can happen (rarely) even after treatment by very experienced  doctors and nurses.

Most likely everything will slowly disappear.

I would wait for the skin to completely heal and then use  a Hydroquinone compund  to speed up the fading of the hyperpigmentation. (Do not use the Hydroquinone for longer than 3 months at a time).

As Dr Schwartz pointed out, there should be no sun exposure for 3-4 weeks before the Laser or IPL treatment.


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Laser hair removal burns

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Potential risks of laser hair removal include temporary or permanent hypo-pigmentation or hyper-pigmentation. This can occur even when optimal laser treatment parameters are used. Fortunately most instances of hyperpigmentation are temporary and tend to fade over time. We instruct all our patients to make sure the area has had no sun exposure for one month prior and one month after the laser procedure. Daily use of an effective sunscreen is key, regardless as to whether you are going outdoors. If necessary, you can consider applying prescription-strength 4% hydroquinone cream to the areas of hyperpigmentation to help them fade more quickly.

Mitchell Schwartz, MD
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