IPL Hair Removal Burns

had hair removal IPL burns, would the burns leave trace or pigmentations? i am light skin female, had IPL burns 3 days ago on legs & arms, blistered burns & other pinkish spots, doctor gave me hydrocortisone shot, ointment oil for burns mebo & antibiotic fucicort, when the burns will heal, would i have pigmentations, how long to fade out? any chance to get my normal skin back?

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IPL Burns. Will they heal?

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It sounds like the after care you are undergoing has you moving in the right direction.  While it's difficult to tell just how severe the burns are from the picture, we are guessing because you are light skinned that you will heal well.

Instead of continuing on the IPL for laser hair removal (IPL is not a laser by the way), we would like to suggest diode or alexandrite lasers.  The Lumenis Lightsheer and Cynosure Apogee are leaders in the industry and will get rid of your hair much easier and more permanently.  Good luck.

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