Hair Removal (Alexandrite) Beehive Reaction? (photo)

ive started hairremoval laser with cynosurge apogee laser the 1st session no reaction aftr i shaved i had beehive reaction and took systemic antibiotcs and bethadine wash nd fucidin cream for a week .On dec2 was my 2nd session after laser immediately i had beehive reaction and now im using bethadine wash and betasol. my question is am i allergic to laser? should i continue the sessions? should i change the type of laser? i am medically fit 25yr old female ur advice is appreciated

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"Bee hive " reaction with laser hair removal is an indication of effective treatment

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The small bumps of swelling and redness appear to be the reaction desired around the hair follicle. This is called perifollicular edema and erythema and indicates successful targeting of the hair follicle. It typically appears 5-15 minutes after treatment and gradually resolves over the next hour. Using a strong topical cortisone immediately after treatment helps it resolve faster.

San Diego Dermatologic Surgeon

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