With Hair Loss, Can Certain Vitamins Regenerate Hair Loss or Thinning?

I've been taking a series of B-complex, D3, iron, and omega 3 vitamins to help stimulate hair growth, but I hear if you're severely obese, no vitamins will work because you have too much mass - the vitamins break-up long before they can get to where they would be most useful. Is this true? Then I hear if you take too many vitamins, you can actually cause hair loss. If blood tests don't show accurate results, how can I know how much to take to help?

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Vitamins and Hair Loss

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It is not true that obesity completely inhibits the circulation of all vitamins. Certain vitamins are water-soluble and others are fat-soluble, however, the pathophysiology of how vitamins affect hair loss with regard to obesity is extremely complex. Taking vitamins, as you are doing, is certainly a great idea for your overall health. But upping your vitamin intake to compensate for your weight is not wise, as overdosing is still a possibility. You should continue to take only the standard recommended dosage and try losing weight in addition to taking these supplements. If you’re not suffering from male pattern baldness, your hair should grow back once a proper nutritional balance is restored.

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