Hair loss problem? (photo)

I am a man 24 year old. I have hair loss problem. it started like 3 years ago but now i am losing too much hair as seen in the photos . I tried Minoxidil 5% for 7 months but it did not work. my father and some of my uncle are bland so I do not know if that genetic hair loss. Can I stop losing hair? can my hair regrow again? please help me with your experience because this is giving me too much headache

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Male pattern hairloss in a 24 yr old male.

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Male pattern hairloss in a 24 yr old male will be progressive. In my 35 year experience the only non surgical treatment that may work is Propecia. For your crown loss. Nothing else works!

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Hair loss in crown in 24 yo M

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This is patterned hair loss, rather than diffuse hair loss and in a 24 year old male is likely to be genetic hair loss

Be sure to make an appt with a hair specialist as some important discussions will ultimately point you in the right direction

At 24 you are too young to transplant the crown. Medical options are likely the best option and given that you tried minoxidil the next best option with no hesitation is finasteride pills. After that options include low level laser therapy and platelet rich plasma therapy. 

Hair restoration for the crown could be a good option down the road but you will want to stabilize your hair loss first. Finasteride gives you a 90% probability to do just that. 

Jeff Donovan, MD, PhD
Vancouver Dermatologist

Re: Correcting A Hair Loss Issue

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If you can identify a family history of baldness, there is a very good chance that what you are experiencing is indeed male pattern baldness. However, you may want to officially confirm this with a physician. Keep in mind there are other possible causes of hair loss. Examples include: side effects from prescriptions and thyroid imbalances. Lupus and alopecia areata are other medical conditions that cause hair to fall out.

Also genetic expression can be made worse by environmental factors like UV exposure, stress and diet.

Rogaine can reasonably be expected to slow down the rate of loss, but not to regrow hair. The same would hold true of Propecia.

At some point, you may want to consider a hair transplant surgery. If this is the case, follow your doctor’s guidance on the right timing of the procedure. This would be when the hair loss has slowed down and stabilized. (150)

Sanusi Umar, MD
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