I Don't Know What to Do with my Hair Loss Problem, What Are My Options?

I admit, I do dye my hair a bit too much. but not to the extreme, I might have dyed my hair at least 2 times within a month but no more than twice. Like usual, hair falls out in the shower.. but two weeks later from when i dyed my hair, I used this hair color protecting shampoo, and from there my hair just fell. Strands and strands literally just fell out. I also witnessed thinning at the scalp, and ever since my hair hasn't grown back to normal. I don't know what to do, nothing helps):

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Hair Loss Problems

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Given the various possible casues, I strongly suggest you meet with a doctor experienced in treating hair loss.

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Hair Loss Cause and Solution

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It is possible you are experiencing telogen effluvium which is a generalized form of hair loss that is precipitated by an event. It could be as a result of local factors such as a bad reaction to a hair product, severe systemic illness, medications, pregnancy  etc. It may occur immediately after exposure to the inciting event or a few months later. The first measure to take is to identify and remove the inciting factor. Further measures would depend on your entire history and findings on examination with or without laboratory tests. Sometimes, Telogen effluvium may unmask or accelarate an underlying male patterned baldness.  I would suggest discontinuing use of the product and consulting a dermatologist for a diagnosis and solution.

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