Hair Loss on Mens Faces After Receiving IPL Treatments? What to Do to Restore Hair Growth?

After IPL facial hair loss in a man is there anything to help the hair grow back faster?

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IPL and Hair loss

Yes IPL treatments can cause the hair to die and there is no way to reverse this.  It only killed what was in the active growth stage which is why its spotty. 

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IPL and hair loss

IPL can cause hair follicles not to grow anymore - this is a side effect that is impossible to reverse. The reason it happens is that the hair follicle becomes hot from the treatments and it stops growing - it's actually why IPL is sometimes used for hair removal laser purposes. Your technician should have gone over this possibility with you and not treated any areas where this would have been a concern for you. Some men are totally fine with having some spotty hair loss on the face because they shave anyway - some are not. But it should have been discussed before you were treated!

F. Victor Rueckl, MD
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