Hair Loss After Gastric Bypass

Why do some patients lose their hair after bypass surgery?

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Hair loss with weight loss surgery

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About 50% of patient usually report some hair loss after bariatric surgery.  Usually it is just noticing some hair in the shower and it is not noticed by anyone around year.  Be sure to eat protein and consider biotin to help you with hair loss.  The important thing to remember is that your hair will always come back and that it is temporary.

Most patients notice some increase in hair loss

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Most patients notice some increase in hair loss around 3-5 months after surgery. This occurs as part of the body’s response to sudden calorie and protein deprivation just after surgery. It is rare for patients to have thinner hair one year after surgery than they did prior to surgery. In fact, at 18 months after surgery, most patients have fuller and healthier hair because the body’s hormone balance has been significantly improved.

Hair loss after weight loss surgery

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Hair loss is generally temporary, and is related to the speed of weight loss and protein intake.  Think of your body as a factory, manufacturing multiple products.  Many of those products are made from protein.  As you lose weight and go into a "starvation mode." the body needs to decide which products it needs to keep making, and which it can do without.  Well, if it's a choice between repairing and maintaining vital organs and making hair, guess what?  You stop making hair.  The good news is that once weight stabilizes, hair production resumes.

Mark Pleatman, MD
Bloomfield Hills Bariatric Surgeon
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