Hair Loss at 28 Yrs Old! My Dr Said my Hair is Not Going to Grow Back?

The baldness at the top is so obvious, and there is mild shedding all over my head. My primary physician said there is nothing he can do (blood tests 'normal'). My iron levels are 42ug, I am taking 86 mg of iron/day at the moment. My trichologist thinks that I might have Polycystic Ovaries because of very mild facial hair (3 strands) and general hairy body (need to shave my legs every 3-5 days). I am skinny and my periods are regular so not sure about her diagnosis. Can someone help me please?

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Hair Loss and a female client

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First if your primary care MD believes all is normal. A referral to a dermatologist or hair transplant surgeon. If PCO (polycystic ovarian syndrome) is a cause then evaluation by an Endocrinologist is warranted.  If these consultations are negative then you may be a candidate for hair transplant surgery.

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