How Can I Grow Back Some of the Hair Removed by Laser?

I had laser done on the back of my neck/hairline (it used to go very far down my neck and looked gross). I'm a perfect candidate for laser because I'm very pale and have dark hair, so I had great results.

But they went way too high on my hairline (I couldn't see what she was doing back there) and now I want some of the hair to grow back so it looks more natural. Is there anything I can do to regrow my hair?

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Growing back hair after laser removal

Depending on when your last treatment was, you may see regrowth as much as five years after your last hair removal treatment. You might try over-the-counter Rogaine. If the hair doesn't come back enough to make you happy, you could consider seeing a hair transplant surgeon if they would consider doing the procedure such as single hair transplants to the back of the neck.

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