More reassurance needed I guess. Any suggestions? (photos)

450 Natrelle HP style 20 under the muscle 5/20/16. May 31st I went back into surgery to remove a hematoma from a small muscle tear. (No, I wasn't exercising or anything, the only activity I had done that day was attend a class at my college) My left breast has dropped (Too much?) my right one seems high and tight. Both soft now and I absolutely love a bra. I feel insecure without one on. F/u with PS 7/8 and he pretty much said he doesn't see it and that "maybe" the right one will drop.

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Breast surgery and position

 It would be nice to see preop photos as well.  In general, if one has a hematoma, there is often more inflammation post-op and the breast can take a bit longer to drop.

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More reassurance needed I guess. Any suggestions?

Thank you for your question and congratulations on your surgery.  It appears that you have obtained a very nice result and though there is some subtle asymmetry between your breasts it is impossible to know if there is an implant related issue, delayed healing as a result of your hematoma evacuation or if you had this asymmetry before surgery.  In either case allow yourself at least six months of healing time to reach your long-term results and continue to discuss your outcomes with your surgeon as they can provide reassurance or show you the asymmetry that previously existed to account for any after surgery.  Best wishes. 

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More reassurance needed I guess. Any suggestions?

Acceptable result especially after the postop complication of a hematoma! Bet you had some slight asymmetry before?

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Breast asymmetry

Individually both your breasts look nice and they look great in clothing. There is some mild asymmetry with the breasts, but since one had two operations they are now healing on different time lines. Time will probably help, and if not discuss with your surgeon whether anything else may help. Many breasts pre and post op have this type of mild asymmetry. Congrats and good luck.

Scott W. Vann, MD, FACS
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Tough problem.

Without examining you it is difficult to render a specific opinion or make specific recommendations, so these comments are meant to be general and not specific to your case, which can only be addressed in person by a board certified plastic surgeon. Having said that, all women have some breast asymmetry but it rarely manifests itself in bra or bathing suit. While all women and all plastic surgeons strive for optimal symmetry, the most important aspect of symmetry still needs to be in the part seen by most of the rest of the world in clothing, bra or bathing suit. In patients in whom we have seen vertical asymmetry as far as implant position, we have had some success with Singular, and a bandeau on the upper pole to try to gradually lower the higher implant. If this proves unsuccessful after three months, and you remain dissatisfied, you may have to consider revision surgery. 
Discuss this with your plastic surgeon. If you remain dissatisfied consider a second opinion. Best of luck to you.

Ram Kalus, MD
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