Had 26 teeth pulled then dentures put in right away 3 weeks ago; what do I do?

did not go with intramuscular injection was wide awake for procedure i didn't want to spend the $400 they wanted, Dentures have bothered me since then now i have sharp little pieces coming out of gums. will these come out on their own.also online they said a soft liner should have been put on.what should i do ask dentist for soft liner. It cost me $6000 for extraction and dentures cannot afford any more costs .any advice would be greatly appreciated thank you.

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Call your dentist

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The soft liner is usually done after the initial healing of the sockets. The bone pieces will usually come out, however, you should just go back to your dentist and have them remove those. I would include that as part of your overall treatment and not charge anymore to remove the bone pieces which usually do present themselves after that kind of surgery. You should have some post-operative appointments scheduled after that kind of treatment, why don't you have any of those appointments scheduled?

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