Is it normal to have a red dot where my mole was removed? (Photo)

I got a mole removed on my lip a week ago( she numbed the area and cut it off with no stiches) I kept vasoline on it and kept it clean, a scab still formed and when the scab came off it left a red dot.

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Mole Removal -- Lasers, Radiowave, Shave

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This is the normal healing process. Silicone based scar gels with growth factors should be used to speed up the healing. Best, Dr. Emer.

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Is it normal to have a red dot where my mole was removed?

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Hello Sydney Lee,

It is normal for their still to be redness where a mole was removed one week later.  The redness you see when the scab fell of is part of the healing.  This will continue to improve.  

I hope this helps and good luck.  

Still early

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This area is still early and healing.
The scabs and dots are early stages of healing and will improve over time.

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