I Hade Ftt and Breast Lift with 450 Mod + Profile Iimplant on 4-22-13 and Right Away my Right Breast Swelled. Is This Normal?

Was.more.swollen than the left. And now.3 months post op it is still alittle bigger and massage seems to make it swell more . It is still alittle more firm than the left.so im hoping.it.is.just.swelling and will go down. Can anyone.help me with this or had this happen and will it resolve itself?

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What does your surgeon say?

From your description, it sounds like you do not have satisfactory results, at least in your opinion.  You should be discussing your concerns with your surgeon, who best knows what happened in your surgery, and who should be best qualified to formulate a plan to address your concerns, provided they are appreciable and not simply a desire for perfection.

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I Hade Ftt and Breast Lift with 450 Mod + Profile Iimplant on 4-22-13 and Right Away my Right Breast Swelled. Is This Normal?

Dear Karensh,

Thank you for your question.  It sounds like your swelling on the bigger side has been slowly improving.  If this is the case, then I would continue to watch it with your surgeons guidance.  If there is no improvement, or if it is getting worse in general, or tighter/pain, then you may need a revision surgery.

Best Wishes,

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Asymmetric swelling after breast lift plus implants.

Surgical swelling is variable, so more swelling on one side can be mild and "normal," or significant and worrisome. If the degree of difference between your breasts is large, it may be related to bleeding or fluid (seroma or lymphatic fluid), and would be something that most surgeons would want to deal with expeditiously.

Firmness and swelling at 3 months can still be related to retained fluid, the beginning of capsular contracture, or a bit of both.

This is something you should be seen for by your surgeon, who can advise you on the severity of the asymmetry and what, if anything, is recommended. Simply "waiting for it to go away on its own" is not a good plan at all. You will not be "bothering" your plastic surgeon--go get this evaluated now! Best wishes! Dr. Tholen


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Swelling after Breast Surgery?

Thank you for the question. A big part of what we do as physicians involves physical examination, without which, a big part of the “picture” is missing. It is, in other words, not possible to provide you with any type of meaningful advice without this physical examination.

Therefore, your plastic surgeon and/or second opinion in person consultations will be helpful to you.  Online consultants can only speculate.

 Best wishes.

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