What is the average recovery time after a tummy tuck with lipo separate?

No photos yet. im still swollen from the lipo and because i'm very used to working out, I feel as if i'm gaining weight. I'm 5 ft. 100 lbs. or I was. I didn't exercise for the last 4'week, but I started to take 20 min walks. Is sex allowed after 3 weeks. My Bellybutton needed to b stitched up after weeks. I'm now almost 5 weeks post surgery.

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Liposuction recovery

Thank you for your question.  Patients after multisite liposuction are generally back to
moderate cardio at around two weeks after surgery, of course each patient recovers differently which means some may take a bit longer than two weeks to feel in shape to get back to doing some exercise. You can be doing as much light to moderate activity as you want from now. Best is to check with your chosen surgeon for his or her advice. Wishing you a speddy recovery.

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Dr Derby

Swelling exists for the first months after the procedure, this is very normal. Keep in touch with your surgeon so that he can tell you if all is fine. Best of luck 

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