11 days post op. I know it's early but I have concerns regarding asymmetry. Will the asymmetry improve with time? (Photo)

Asked for excess skin to be just lifted off lashes. No fat removal only medial as it was herniated. Does it look like fat was also removed in upper lids? Not sure if I think I look a little hollow. Also, as stated above very concerned about asymmetry between the two lids. Dr. suggested brow lift and lower blep which I declined. With eyes closed the unevenness of the incision can be seen. Left brow is higher so not sure if that was the reason. Thank you very much.

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Too early to worry?

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Short answer - yes.  But, it's only natural to be concerned.  Despite what we tell patients about avoiding mirrors shortly after surgery, we know they study their results anyway.  Patience is difficult for both doctors and patients, but it is one of our best allies to prevent unnecessary intervention early after a procedure.  As for looking hollow, your result is consistent with the removal of skin and muscle alone, without fat excision being performed. And you don't look hollow.  Hope this helps.

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Aysmmetry of Eyelids

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Thank you for your pictures.  I would not recommend anything now.  Wait several months and then re-evaluate the situation.  There may be totally different solutions to your issues or no issues at all.

Postop Upper Eyelid surgery

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It is absolutely way too early in the healing process to appropriately asses anything about symmetry or results.  Everything from your pictures looks to be healing as it should be at this stage.  It is best to be patient right now and wait several months to reassess. 

Minor asymmetries, early after eyelid surgery.

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At the moment I don't see anything to be concerned about. There's a lot of healing in front of you and this should be complete before making judgments about the final result.

11 days post op. I know it's early but I have concerns regarding asymmetry. Will the asymmetry improve with time?

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Allow haling of 3 to 6 months than if still not happy consider revision at that time NOT NOW! Best to be patient... 

Early post-op blepharoplasty

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Your results are too new and you have to allow for healing to occur. Swelling will persist for several weeks.

Steven Wallach, MD
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Too early to judge result

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These are questions that can only be answered by your plastic surgeon.  At this point it appears you are healing well.  

Jeffrey Zwiren, MD
Atlanta Plastic Surgeon
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Bleph Concerns Early Postop

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Thank you for your question and photos. It is quite early to evaluate the results.  As swelling resolves, most of the asymmetry issues do improve.  Your surgeon was correct that a browlift would have significantly addressed the issues you have raised. The brow asymmetry is contributing to the lid asymmetry.  Discuss this matter further with your surgeon and what options remain to make it better. Best wishes on your recovery!

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