Extreme Swelling After Juvia Laser Treatment?

I had juvia on thursday and i have extreme swelling with green discharge coming from my eyes, my swelling does not seem to be getting any better, is this normal i did not expect any of this please help!

Doctor Answers 1

See your doctor about green discharge after CO2 fractional laser

The CO2 fractional laser (Juvia) can cause significant swelling if a deeper treatment is done. The skin should heal by 7-10 days but you will be red for 10 days to 2-3 weeks.

Your doctor should have explained this to you and warned you about this.

Normally, you would be doing wet soaks, cleansing of the skin and application of an ointment to protect the skin while healing occurs.

I cannot explain the green discharge you describe. It does not sound normal so you should be seen by your doctor soon to have this checked out.

I assume that you have been given appropriate prophylactic antibiotics and anti herpes medications and a topical cream or ointment.

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