Why Do I Have Pain and Swelling Directly Underneath my Crease Incision After Almost 2 Months? (photo)

500cc sili breast implants 7 wks ago. After 2 wks noticed swelling underneath right crease incision and was leaking. Dr said fluid built up underneath and was just draining out on its own. Culture came back superficial. Put on antibiotics after 3 weeks looked much betterWent back to normal activities massaging etc. now 7 wks PO, the swelling is back incision is red, no drainage, dr told me he has never seen this. Need answers please. back on antibiotics, breast feels ok, incision site hurts.

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Swelling and Fluid Drainage at 7 Weeks

   Fluid drainage and swelling after 7 weeks does need to be aggressively managed and followed to prevent infection.  Kenneth Hughes, MD breast implants Los Angeles, CA

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Infected Incision after Breast Augmentation

You may have a wound infection that may need to be opened and irrigated.  Continue to see your PS and follow his/her advice.  This needs to be solved so it does not threaten your implant.


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