Habit of Pushing Eyebrow Down(lightly), Will This Cause Eyebrow To Sag?

Good afternoon, I have developed a habit (though minimal - one month) of pushing down my right eyebrow downwards(toward eyelid) minimally (2-3mm) due to personal reasons. Although I have recently stopped doing this, could this have caused my right eyebrow to sag / come down? Gender: Male Age: 25 Smoking: Yes

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External manipulation of the eyebrow will not cause a permanent problem

It would be highly unusual for any external manipulation of the eyelid to cause a permanent problem.  

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Habit of Pushing Eyebrow Down(lightly), Will This Cause Eyebrow To Sag?

At your age, expected tissue elasticity and the limited time that you've been pushing your eyebrow down, I would not expect any changes to your eyebrow position. Stephen Weber MD, FACS

Stephen Weber, MD, FACS
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Brow or eyelid sagging

Thank you for this question. Minimal pushing or stretching probably won't be an issue but chronic (years) of soft tissue elongation may indeed cause a sagging. This is most seen with contact lenses and the eyelid in this region. If concerned, see a board certified plastic surgeon who has experience with eyelid (blepharoplasty) and brow concerns. Good luck!

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