Do I have an autoimmune disease if my Sculptra bumps don't disappear after 2 years?

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Bumps from Sculptra

Hi Marso.  Hard bumps that develop after injection procedures like Sculptra are most likely granulomas.  Rather than continue to deal with them, check with your injector as there are treatments to shrink them.

They are not related to your health situation, but rather just an unintended outcome for the Sculptra.  Good luck.

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Autoimmune disease if Sculptra bumps don't disappear after 2 years?

It does not mean you have an autoimmune disease if you have bumps from Sculptra that have not gone away after 2 years.  Bumps that develop after Sculptra sometimes can last more than 2 years but usually are gone by 3-4 years.  There are potential treatment options for bumps, so I would discuss this issue with the physician who treated you if you haven't already done so.  

Michael I. Echavez, MD
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