I Had Gynomastia Removed Via Liposuction 8 Weeks Ago but Im Still Not Healed. Why is That?

I had gyno removed from my chest 8 weeks ago and I'm still not healed. Why am I still swollen at the lower part of my chest

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Liposuction and gynecomastia surgery

In about 95% of my gynecomastia surgeries I do excise the gland and our reccurence rate after excision is zero so far.If swelling is not down in a few months talk to your surgeon about performing excision of the gland.

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Swelling after Gynecomastia Surgery?

Thank you for the question.

Without direct examination it is not possible to give you good advice; follow-up with your plastic surgeon for this purpose. Keep in mind, that complete resolution of swelling and “redraping” of the skin does take several months to occur.

Best wishes.

Healing after gyncomastia surgery

Your question does not explain what you feel is delaying your healing.  I can say that liposuction of any area, including a male breas,t takes a few months to resolve so you can judge the final result.  If there is some problem with the breast skin or the incisions, I cannot comment without examining you.  You should discuss your concerns with your plastic surgeon.

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