Can This Gynecomastia Be Treated Up to a Normal Cheat Level Without Many Scars? Do I Have a 3rd Option? (photo)

I saw 1st Dr 7 months ago he said he can't treat me in one go, as I have excess fat. So in lost 7mths I reduced 7kg to 76 kg (from 83, for 5.4 Ft) & now saw another Dr who told 1He will do it in 2 go, leaving nearly 9 to10 mths time in btw to allow the excess skin to get adjusted (as 1st Dr said)2He will tear apart the skin & operate so that he will be able to remove excess skin and stick the skin tightly which will give me a big horizontal stitch scars on my chest

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High grade gynecomastia = more traditional surgery

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As discussed you have significantly expanded skin. That largely eliminates the short or no-scar techniques involving liposuction for your treatment.  Suggesting liposuction isn't wrong per se, but I question the ultimate rationale involved. You are NOT going to be able to avoid more aggressive excisional surgery by staging liposuction, and what you will do is end up paying for 2 surgeries and 2 recoveries. While you may be able to partially incorporate liposuction, it is going to dramatically underdo your surgery as a stand alone manuever 


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As you have already been told this is a particularly challenging situation but everything has to do with expectations. Many people will tell you that you will require extensive skin resection which will leave really horrible scars on the chest. I suggest that you find someone who will do a very aggressive liposuction as a first procedure and then give it at least one year and see how much skin shrinkage takes place. As long as you do not expect a perfect result you may be satisfied with what you end up with. You could always go back and do a skin resection but doing it like this in two stages if necessary will almost guarantee you will end up with a lot less in the way of scars.

Sherwood Baxt, MD
Paramus Plastic Surgeon

What is the correct procedure for gynecomastia correction?

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You have 2 things going on which cause an abnormal appearance of your chest.  First, you have excess breast tissue.  Second, you have excess skin; in fact, so much excess skin that the breast is sagging and there is a well developed inframammary fold.

To get a satisfactory correction, both of these factors must be addressed.  The excess breast tissue and the excess skin must be removed.  There is no way to do this without a sizeabel scar, which would be located either through the middle of the breast or along the fold underneath the breast.  There would also be a scar around the areola where this will be placed as a graft.

This can all be done at one stage, and the results are really quite good.  The scars fade over time and are really not that noticeable.  This, by the way, is the standard procedure done in female to male sex change surgery.

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