Gynecomastia Surgery 2 Months Ago?

I had a gyno surgery done 2 months ago. A glandular tissue was supposed to be removed from the right breast by excision. A lipo of the chest area was to be done as well. Doctor made incisions in the middle of the areola right around the nipples in both of my breasts. Right nipple/areola area is still swollen and tender. It feels as if the lump is still there. Can gland tissue be excised through the middle of the arreola? Could it be a scar tissue or maybe the doctor did not excise any tissue?

Doctor Answers 2

Lump can be massaged away

You may benefit with massage, but you should return to your surgeon first to discuss your results. Revision surgery may be needed.

Male breast reduction

Male breast reduction can be treated with liposuction and or excision. If the tissue is mostly fatty tissue lipo may be enough, but usually it is very fibrous and internal ultrasonic liposuction is required for best result. After liposuction if there is visible firm mass, they can be excised by direct excision. This incision can be anywhere you and your surgeon decide. Glandular tissue can be removed through any incision. At 2 months you are still healing. Massage may help speed up recovery.

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