My Gynecomastia Surgery Was Not Completed on my Right Hand Side.

When I asked the Dr. at pre-op the amount of removal he said, "A lean guy like yourself, we can get pretty much get all of it" Area 1: Lipo was done on the very lower chest area of the left side. Skipped on the right. Area 2: Glandular tissue excised on the left side of the right areola. Skipped on the right. Area 3: Skipped and not as important to me. The surgery has made me more a-symmetrical. There is still irritation and tenderness just as before. What are my options?

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More details and examination needed to advise

More details and physical examination necessary before useful advice can be offered.  Specifically, peroperative photos, volume of tissue removed (by lipo and excision), duration of time since surgery would be helpful.  Going on your photo alone without details as above would lead me to think that you have a good result.

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You need to allow yourself time to heal to be able to see the final result. It's difficult to see the asymmetry from the photos your posted.  Keep your follow up appointments with your surgeon, make sure you give yourself time to fully recover and then have a conversation (maybe with the before and after photos to compare things) with your surgeon if you still have concerns.  Sometimes, surgeon's will work more on one side vs. the other - depends on the patient's starting point.

Revision surgery

I would go back to the surgeon and express how you feel.  I typically wait about 3 months after surgery to let the skin heal before performing any revisions.

Pre op photos will help

Did he tell you prior to surger that you are lean ? Ho long ago  you  had the surgery? Did you dr.had other reslts to show you?You should ask him to show you many before and after picturesof patients similar to you to compare to your own results,the more,the better.l

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Very hard to tell

You are at this stage too early out to determine-it may be some swelling in that area-very difficult to see from photos

Edward J. Bednar, MD
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