Risk of Sunken Chest Following Gynecomastia? (photo)

Hello doctors. My name is Jean, 19 year old gynecomastia surgery patient. I had the surgery 3/6/2012 so is extremely recent and i know final results take a very long time, but i just cant get over the fear of having one sunken chest. Here is a picture and i would love your feedback. Thank you all

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Gynecomastia Surgery Results?

Thank you for the question and picture.

Unfortunately,  it is not possible to give you good advice based on the picture. I would suggest that you continue to follow-up with your plastic surgeon for direct examination and/or recommendations/reassurance.

In the meantime, I would suggest that you refrain from unnecessary “worry” (since this does not help) and allow time for healing to occur prior to evaluating the end results of surgery


Best wishes.

Gynecomastia defects

It is hard to determine anything from your picture.  Even if this was an outstanding picture the contours after liposuction change over several months.  What you see now may be much improved in 2-3 months.  You must trust your surgeon and allow time to heal all wounds.


Dr. ES

Wait until you can see the full results, then decide what you want to do next.

Hi Jean. 


Dr. Blinski is right. We need to see more detailed pictures to asses your situation and you would have to wait until at least 3 months after the surgery to see the full results.

I would suggest you wait a while and then see if you are unhappy with the procedure, if so we will still be here.

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Risk of Sunken Chest Following Gynecomastia?

You need to post better photos in order for any of us to reply. Especially in such an early post operative period of time. 

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