Gynecomastia Results 1 Month Post Complications?

I had gynecomastia surgery one month earlier.1 week after surgery when I used to lift my hands up above my head I can see dents. The one on the left side became unnoticeable and filled up but still in my right chest I can see the dent though better now. My doctor told me that it would eventually fill up again. I want to know whether this can happen because I don't want to have to fill the cavity again with another surgery. P.S There is still more swelling on the right side than on the left.

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Having swelling 1 month post-surgery is very typical. You will be able to see your final results at 6-9 months. It’s important that you know that healing process is slow and keeping your appointment with your surgeon and getting post up care if good.


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Too early to tell

I suggest you wait a few months before you judge your results. It can take that long for swelling to subside.

Contour issues 1 month after gynecomastia surgery

Contour issues in the early post-operative period often resolve in the ensuing months after surgery, and this occurs without additional surgical intervention.  Massage may be helpful to break up any unusual scar tissue, and you should discuss this with your surgeon.  I discourage any sort of revisions before 9 months to a year, as things can continue to improve over the course of time following the surgery, often to the point where no revision is required.

Good luck.

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