Gynecomastia Post Op (10 Weeks) and Have Hard Knots Behind the Center of Areola? (photo)

I underwent gynecomastia surgery 10 weeks ago. Excision of breast tissue and lipo was performed. I have hard knots behind the center of the areola which I cannot tell is scar tissue or left over gland. He did informed me he left a little gland (not sure why he used the word "little" because it's extremely vague) so there was no nipple depression. Basically I'm freaking out, have been massaging it, and looking at forums everywhere. I have a consult with him again on Monday but that's a week away

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Firmness Behind Areola after Surgery for Gynecomastia?

Thank you for the question and pictures.

Your plastic surgeon will be in the best position to advise you after direct examination. Generally speaking, the firmness you are feeling below the areola may be residual breast tissue and/or scar tissue.  Your plastic surgeon is correct in that it is important to “leave” some tissue behind the areola  during this type of surgery. Otherwise, patients are at risk for postoperative depression ( “saucer deformity”).

 I hope this helps.

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Gynecomastia Post Op (10 Weeks) and Have Hard Knots Behind the Center of Areola? (photo)

It could be residual breast buds that were not removed during your operation. Great question to ask your surgeon of record. 

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