Gynecomastia 4 Months 2 Weeks Post Op Concern? (photo)

Dear Dr's I had gynecomastia correction and was so happy about my results however after three months (i say three onths but that is when swelling went down so it could have been there before just camflauged into swelling) i notice my nipples are puffy and point out still my DR says it is scar tissue but i dont understand i had this surgery to make chest flat now it is being told to me it is scar tissue and it will go away advice would be nice to see if it is scar tissue or breast tissue

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Gynecomastia problems

If it was merely some scar tissue or residual fibrous gland tissue that was left behind, that can be taken care of fairly easily with a revision procedure.  However, your photos indicate that there may be more going on than just that.  You seem to have a scar around your one areola, and the other seems to have some sloughing of the skin.  Then you have a separate area of skin that seems to have scarring as well. You need to be examined by a board certified plastic surgeon.


The pictures posted show lots of problems.

The incisions used are around the entire nipple areola, this is more than a gynecomasia incision.

You need to be evaluated by  Board Certified Plastic Surgeon (American Board of Plastic Surgery).

Samir Shureih, MD
Baltimore Plastic Surgeon
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