Gynecomastia Liposuction Results, Unhappy; Should I Wait Longer For Final Results?

Hi! I had gynecomastia surgery/liposuction on my chest area 2 weeks ago. My doctor told me that i had no glandular tissue and gland excision was not needed. However, 2weeks post-op my upper chest looks quite good but my middle chest(areola area) has started to pop out. The chest looked quite good right after surgery but i am not satisfied with the sculpture i have at the time. So could this be swelling or is it just wrong tequinique used? And can i expect better results in the upcoming weeks?

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Areolar Protrusion After Gynecomastia Liposuction Surgery

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At just two weeks after surgery, it is way too early to pass final judgment about the final shape of your chest. You need to wait a full three months before you can make your final critique. Because there was no open glandular excision, the early appearance of areolar protrusion suggests that this may ultimately be needed. But any revision should not be done before three months after surgery.

Too Soon to Judge your results?

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Thank you for your question.

At 2 weeks post op surgery, you cannot know what the final results will be so you should really wait (at least 4-6 months) until the swelling has decreased before deciding if revisionary surgery is necessary.

Best Wishes.

Gynecomastia surgery

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At two weeks it is way too early to tell if your result is satisfactory to you. There will be a lot of swelling that may last several months.

It takes time for the swelling to settle down and for the scars to flatten and soften

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2 weeks after surgery is too early to judge the results of your surgery.  There is still swelling.  Once that is gone, the healing deep inside continues for good 3 months during which time scar tissue forms and then tightens.  Massage during the first 3 months is helpful to smooth out the results.  In the mean time, unless there is a significant asymmetry or massive lumps, be patient.
Martin Jugenburg, MD, FRCSC

Gynecomastia results

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Your instincts are correct. There is still a lot of swelling and the breast tissue takes some time to settle down and recontour. Continue to followup with your plastic surgeon.

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