Procedure for Gynecomasita 3 Weeks Ago - Left Side is More Puffy Than the Right Side (photo)

I had my gynecomastia surgery in Phoenix abt 3 weeks go. My left side looks more puffy & swollen than the right.The drain on my right side was taken out a week sooner than the left. Could that be the reason the left side looks more puffy. My PS was draining my right with a needle. when I saw him after 2 days of removing the drain from the left expecting some fluid buildup, there was none. If the puffiness is not frm the fluid, what cud it be? wud both sides look even I had just excision, no lipo

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Swelling at three weeks could be just swelling, collection of blood or serous fluid...

It is too early to make any conclusions.  Although there is clearly a difference between the two sides, it is possible this will equalize over time as any fluid collection is resorbed by your body.

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Gynecomastia Surgery Swelling or Seroma ??

At three weeks after surgery, this could simply be a difference in swelling or could be a fluid collection under the one areola. You should go back and see your surgeon as soon as possible so that if it is a seroma, it can be aspirated in a timely manner.

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